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Take steps today to improve your website with our A-Z guide.

You should always be looking to improve your website, no matter what business you’re in; there’s always room for improvement.

Too many websites are never updated. You probably don’t come across them every day because they’re the ones languishing in no-man’s land in the Search Engine rankings.

If your competitors are above you in the Search Engine rankings, improving your website isn’t just recommended, it’s vital.

improving your website is as easy as ABC
(A) Analytics


Learn to love [Google] Analytics; it can help you find the weakest areas of your website

(B) Brainstorming


Brainstorming sessions can generate new ideas for content, layout or website structure

(C) Call to Action

Call to Action

Use a single, clear
Call to Action on each page, especially sales or sign-up pages

(D) Design & Layout

Design & Layout

Design & Layout should focus attention on your message, not the design

(E) Emotions


Speak to people’s Emotions with page titles, copy and great imagery. Response rates will rise

(F) Fresh Content

Fresh Content

Adding Fresh Content regularly leads to more repeat visits. And Search Engines will love you too

(G) Goals


Set a series of small, but acheivable Goals. Write them down and use them to motivate yourself

(H) Heat Mapping

Heat Mapping

Heat Mapping software allows you to gain new insight into your visitors’ behaviour

(I) Images & Photos

Images & Photos

Use high-quality Images, especially for Product Photos. They attract the eye, so quality is vital

(J) Justification


Can you Justify the use of every element on your website? Why is it there? And can it be improved?

(K) Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Continual Keyword Research should shape ongoing content strategy

(L) Learn


Learn constantly. From your visitors and your competition. The web is evolving; go with it

(M) Motivation


Motivating your visitors to take specific actions is key to the success of your website

(N) Navigation


Your website Navigation should be consistent, make perfect sense and be easy to use

(O) On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO

Fine-tune On-Page SEO for a ranking boost in the Search Engines

(P) PPC Advertising

PPC Advertising

Success = Crafted PPC Adverts driving leads to targeted landing pages

(Q) Quality Control

Quality Control

Don’t let high standards slip. Quality Control everything as it’s added to your website

(R) Review


An expert Review of your website will highlight key areas you can improve

(S) Split Testing

Split Testing

Carry out extensive Split Testing to learn from your visitors & improve results

(T) Trust


Use testimonials, user reviews and positive visual cues to build Trust with your visitors

(U) Unique Content

Unique Content

Make sure your Content is Unique, especially if selling the same products as other websites

(V) Viral Content

Viral Content

Produce outstanding, unique Content & make it easy to share - it’s more likely to go Viral

(W) White Space

White Space

The use of White Space in a page layout reduces clutter. Your website will be more user friendly

(X) X-Factor


No, not the TV show! You should have the X-Factor in the eyes of your visitors

(Y) Your Story

Your Story

People love stories.
Tell them Your Story in an interesting, engaging way

(Z) Zoomable Images

Zoomable Images

If you sell products which benefit from an up-close view, provide Zoomable Images

Make More Money

Make More Money

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