privacy and cookie statement

We take your privacy seriously.

Any information we collect as part of you enquiring about our services, or interacting with our website will be kept private. We do not, and will not share any personal or business information with any other organisation.

Session Cookies and Cookies

We do not use Cookies (a more permanent version of a Session Cookie - see below) on our website.

We do use one session cookie. This is a temporary file which is only active for the duration of your visit to our website and can not be used to identify you or capture any personal data, nor can it be used to track your activities once you leave our website.

We only use a session cookie to allow us to offer a functional blog platform. Our session cookie allows us to determine whether or not you have contributed a comment to one of our blog posts. It is not designed in any way to follow you or record any information about you.

Third Party Cookies

Our website uses Google Analytics software to track your visit on our website. Google Analytics is a third-party solution provided by Google. It allows us to record how long you, as a visitor (without recording any personal or identifiable data) spend on any given page on our website. We only use this information to improve the quality of the content we provide on our website.

We have no control over how Google uses Cookies or Session Cookies to track your movements on our website. However, again please be assured that we have no specific knowledge of you as an individual, nor can we track or record your movements as an individual. Any data we see through Google Analytics is of our website visitors as a whole, not from any identifiable individual.

You can, via the Google website, block the ability of not only our website, but of any website from recording certain visitor data by Google Analytics software.

Turning off Cookies in your browser

All major browsers have settings allowing you to control which cookies are and are not allowed to be stored on your computer. These settings generally allow you to accept Session Cookies (the temporary files we use), but to block [persistent] Cookies. Whilst we do not recommend you block Session Cookies, you do have that control. Blocking Session Cookies within your browser settings will mean our website will not work to its full potential.

If you have any concerns

Should you have any concerns about your privacy or our use of Session Cookies, please contact us and we will be happy to help.