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a website review: your first step to a better website from 99

Increase your sales icon

Increase your sales

Stop sending business to your competition. Small steps lead to big gains

More search traffic icon

More search traffic

Intelligent changes lead to higher search engine rankings; and more visitors

New design ideas icon

New design ideas

Arm yourself with new ideas on design & layout from experienced web designers

A fresh perspective icon

A fresh perspective

Can't see the wood for trees? Get a valuable, independent second opinion

Help your visitors icon

Help your visitors

Turn your visitors into customers with an easy to use, easy to read website

Beat the competition icon

Beat your competition!

Learning from what your competitors are doing well gives you the edge

Thanks to our busy schedule, we can only carry our a limited number of reviews

our website reviews are perfect for...

...You; if you run a website as part of a business or non-profit organisation. Is the success of your website important to you?

Any e-commerce website

Wouldn't it be nice if you sold more? You can improve in many areas; the visitors you target; site navigation; how you present your products; calls to action; the list goes on.

You get lots of traffic, but not many conversions

Whether you sell products or services; collect sales leads; want people to sign-up for your offer. If conversion rates are low your website just isn't performing; and the sooner you take action...

Online a long time, but not many visitors

A website with no visitors is a waste of your time, energy and money. if you've been live for over a year and still don't see lots of visitors, something in your plan hasn't worked. If you do nothing, that's exactly what will continue to happen.

You started small, but your website grew

As time passes, with new sections or features added, it's easy to lose sight of your original vision. Take a step back and get an independent review.

Your website has changed very little

If your website went live and all development stopped, there's a good chance interest dried up. Our independent review will give you a new start and allow you to refocus on your goals.

A non-professional designer built your website

It's an absolute certainty your website needs attention. It's likely to be confusing to visitors and doesn't perform in the Search Engines. A professional website should be created by a professional designer. No exceptions!

but maybe not suited to...

Stand-alone blogs

Your blog is likely to be structured using accepted web standards which aren't really open to suggestions for change. However, if your blog is part of a larger business strategy we'd be happy to talk to you.

Your website is perfect just the way it is

You sit proudly at the top of the search engine listings for all your key search terms, which send highly targeted visitors to your website. Once there, they can find exactly what they want, buy your product or service and leave you glowing reviews or testimonials. Whilst we congratulate you, a website review isn't for you!

table header: premium, detailed and introductory website reports

image report icondesign critique

Take a look at your website with fresh eyes; those of a design professional


image report icondesign enhancements

Using your existing homepage, we offer an alternate, enhanced mock-up image


image report iconhomepage re-design

Using your existing content, we provide a completely re-designed mock-up image


written report iconfunctionality review

Is your website easy to use? Navigation and Usability are vital to its success


written report iconSEO review

Just how Search Engine Friendly is your website? Any potential problems?


written report iconincreasing performance

Want more Sales, Enquiries or Sign-Ups, or simply more visitor interaction?


written report iconintro competitor reports

Learn from our assessments (the Intro Reports) of your competitors’ websites

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1 report

written report iconcompetitor analysis

Further analysis of your competitors’ websites (see above) relative to yours


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design critique

An expert, pro-active critique of your website’s design could give you peace of mind, or cause for concern. Either way, an outside, totally objective and unbiased critique will prove valuable to your efforts going foward.

design enhancements

We take a snapshot of your current homepage, make some tweaks in Photoshop and provide you with an alternate view. We may re-arrange, add, remove or re-design your content. This isn’t a full re-design, rather an enhanced view of your current homepage.

homepage re-design

Taking your existing homepage as a starting point, and using your existing content, we will produce a completely new design mock-up, just as we would if we were producing a new website. We will keep to a specific colour scheme if it ties in with your branding.

functionality review

A review of navigation and the user experience; how easy is your website to understand and use. Putting ourselves in your website visitors’ or potential customers’ shoes, whilst also giving our expert opinion.

seo review

Reviewing how your website is structured will allow us to advise how Search Engine Friendly it is. A Search Engine Friendly site is more likely to achieve higher rankings in the major Search Engines, which in turn brings more traffic. This report will not look at websites linking to yours.

increasing performance

By looking at your website as a whole, and more specifically at pages intended to convert visitors into customers (such as e-commerce product pages, sign-up pages, etc.), we will make suggestions on how you can improve, with a view to increasing sales/conversion rates.

intro competitor reports

By providing you with a Intro Report (as per that shown above), but reviewing your competitor’s website(s), you can learn from our analysis of their website(s). Is there anything in particular we’d advise you to look at closely?

competitor analysis

Using the Intro Reports as a starting point, we will give a more in-depth analysis on what we believe your competition are doing well and how you might adapt your website to reflect this. We will not recommend you simply copy your competitors, but our analysis will certainly give you food for thought.